Stories From The Cuckold Man

16 Years And Counting of Watching My Wife

Memorable Day

One of the more memorable day’s had to be the time my wife did me, and two other guys, all in an 18 hour span.

We had gone out of town, and while we were out arranged a meeting with Jim, her second guy from this adventure, who had moved recently. He couldn’t do an evening meeting, but we agreed on 1 pm at our hotel.

At 8 that morning as we got up I got a “good morning” blow job from the wife, she was alternating between sucking my cock, and stroking me telling me how horny she was for Jim’s fat cock to be in her.

I was playing with her and she wasn’t kidding, she was more soaked than I could remember for months. I had three fingers buried in her cunt in no time, as she sucked me and played with my balls.  After a few minutes she rolled over and asked me to take her doggy style, one of her favorite positions.

I was fucking for all I was worth, as she frigged her own clit, telling me how good the sex was but how much she was looking forward to Jim and the beer can cock he had on him. Thinking of watching that again had me ready to blow, and I filled her with cum just as she got off.

We went out for a late breakfast, and then stopped off at a local drug store to pick up some KY, just in case she needed help getting him in, and a package of douche, she wanted to be “summer fresh” for Jim when he showed up.

When we got back she headed to the bathroom with her douche, and a bag from a lingerie store, and got ready for Jim. When she came out of the bathroom my cock jumped right to attention. She’d brought a new half bra that had her already big tits sticking out perfectly, making an obscene amount of clevage. She also had on matching bikini’s a garter (something she’d never worn before) and color coordinated stockings. I even convinced her to let me take a few polaroid’s of her in the outfit since it was so sexy.

Jim showed up just a few minutes early, and came into the room. We had a drink as my wfie sat in her robe, staring at his crotch. I swore I could already smell her pussy heating up. After a few more minutes of small talk she dropped the robe and walked over to Jim. “This reminiscing is alright, but it’s not small talk I’m in the mood for.”

I took the hint and moved to my chair, and Jim took it and moved his face to my wife’s half exposed breasts, suckling like a baby on her already rigid nipples. She pulled his face closer to her busom as he felt up her ass and moved his mouth from side to side.

It only took a few minutes before she was ready for the main show and went to work on getting Jim out of his clothes. She spent no time at all getting rid of his shirt and moved to his pants. As she pulled them down his nearly hard cock popped out in front of her like a trophy at the Oscars.

She immediately began playing with his cock, and sucking his balls. She was stroking him, and taking his sack deep in her mouth, and rubbing herself through her panties as she did it. I figured this was going to be one hot fuck scene to watch, and got myself more comfortable, letting my hard cock out of my pants.

My wife stood and took her panties off, and got on the bed, forgetting about the garter, stockings and bra. “Fuck me, now, please Jim, just fuck the shit out of me”.

Jim was more than happy to grant her request, and started slowly, putting in the fat head of his cock, and holding it for a second to let her get used to him. When she grabbed ahold of his ass he knew what she wanted, and immediately buried himself, in one thrust. I think she came right then as she held him deep for a minute.

For thirty five minutes and four positions I watched as he fucked the hell out of my wife. I was marveling at his control, as he held himself through no less than five orgasms. Finally I think he could tell she was starting to get sore from all the fucking, and started to thrust faster and with less thought of control

He pulled his cock out and shot a magificient load onto her belly and between her tits, as she stroked him to get every last drop out of him. Finally, like a porn starlet in the movies we watched, she took his softening cock head in her mouth and sucked whatever was left out of him.

After a few minutes of relaxing, and a post coital smoke, Jim excused himself, reminding us he had another appointment. He left and my wife was still on the bed, covered in his juices.

She got up to head to the bathroom, but not before calling me to clean her, part of the agreement on not letting guys cum in her. As I did she realized I hadn’t cum yet, and sucked me to completion, as a thank you for letting her have Jim again. Fifteen minutes after they finished her pussy still hadn’t fully recovered, I felt her and it was still open and loose from the severe fucking she’d just taken.

Later that night after dinner we decided to go to a local bar and check out the band that was playing. The band wasn’t horrible, but they weren’t going to be getting a record deal soon, either. They played mostly cover material from southern rock and country bands. However, I noticed that at least one thing had gotten her attention, the cock on the bass player.

Like a lot of guys in bands he wore pants that were probably a little too tight, though in his case he had something to show while he was wearing them.

She asked if we could buy him a drink and invite him over. It wasn’t how we normally did things, but she played with my dick as she asked, and so as the saying goes, a stiff dick has no conscience.

On th break he came to the table to thank us for the drink, and sat for a few minutes. I realized after about 30 seconds of her talking quiet in his ear that my wife was feeling him up right then and there.  He said he had to get back to the band, but wanted us to stick around until the last set was over. I knew where this was going, and can’t say I was adverse to it.

As he went back towards the stage I realized my wife had given him a complete hard on, and almost laughed. He seemed to have no cares that he was totally erect, and showing it quite nicely as he walked past the other tables. Some of the other women turned and gave my wife kind of dirty looks, knowing she’d caused his problem.

After they were done playing and packing up he came back and joined us at the table. His name was Bob, and he admitted that he was a little freaked out earlier, with my wife basically jacking him off with me next to her.

We explained the situation, and that she was horny for him, and if he was interested, he could follow us to the hotel. He didn’t need long to think about that idea, and said sure.

At the hotel we killed a little wine, and then my wife started the show by giving Bob a wet kiss, something I still wasn’t crazy about, but was dealing with better. She sat on his lap, her big tits rubbing against him, and her pussy grinding on his crotch.

She got up and started to undress herself, taking off her blouse, now showing him her glory girls. He reached out and began massaging them through the sexy half bra, obviously impressed.

She dropped her skirt, showing the garter and stockings to him, and the we spot in the crotch of her panties. Bob kind of looked at me oddly for a few mintues, and I could tell he was having a hard time dealing with me in the room, so I kept my own clothes on, hoping he’d become more comfortable.

When she got rid of her bra and panties Bob began playing with her pussy and her tits, and moved her to the bed, so he could suck her tits easier, as he rubbed his fingers on her clit.

She finally got up and started taking off his clothes, his shirt fairly quickly, and then dropping his pants and briefs. His cock was barely hardening and already the size of my boner. She took him in her mouth and began sucking him, as she rolled his very hairy balls in her hand.

It only took a few seconds of my wife’s mouth to get any remaining shyness out of Bob, as he started rising to the occasion fairly quickly. His was the picture of what a cock should be, 8 inches long, perfect mushroom head, lots of veins and thick enough to fuck, but not too thick to suck according to the wife.

They moved to a sixty nine position, and I was sitting so I could see him sucking my wife’s clit for all he was worth as she gobbled his dick like a starved woman at a buffet. I thought she’d suffocate him when the first orgasm hit, she pushed her crack to his face so hard.  It must have been a good one, she was squeezing his cock until it turned red.

She moved Bob’s legs over on the bed, once again to give me a show as she fucked another man, and climbed on top of him, facing away from me. She reached behind and rubbed his fat cock against her pussy, stopping for a second at the hole, teasing him with her cunt, and then rubbing some more. This was her favorite way to have sex when she wanted to be in control of the situation, and by the looks of it, she had it well under control.

Finally she put his head inside her, what a great sight seeing her lips open to take him, and slowly slide down his shaft until he was buried inside her wet hole.  “Suck my tits while I fuck you” she said to him.  I knew from this she was already close to a second orgasm, as she isn’t much for having her tits sucked on until she’s ready to cum, then she loves it.

I was right, she only rode his cock for a minute or two before she was moaning for him to fuck her hard, and suck harder. Finally she planted her pussy on his full length, and held on as she cried out in another cum. After a half a minute she started riding him in slow long strokes,  reaching back and playing with his balls as she did, and winking at me.

By now my pants were off and I was stroking my own cock for all I was worth. The obscene scene before me was too much to watch without jacking off. Bob had grabbed hold of my wife’s ass as she rode him, and now had a finger moving into her brown hole, something I rarely did.  After a minute or so he had two fingers stuffed in her ass while she rolled her hips on his cock.

Suddenly she rolled off of him and turned around, her ass on him, and asked him to fuck her ass. I was stunned, we’d had anal sex a total of three times in our relationship, and now she was going to give her other whole to another man.

“Honey, get the KY for me, please”, she said as she rubbed his large cock against her pussy and ass, even slapping it across her soaked pussy. I got the bottle of jelly and took it too her, and then got the biggest surprise. “Put some on his cock, please, get him lubed for me.” My wife wanted ME to rub love lube on another man’s cock for her. I did as she asked, wondering what the hell she was up to.

It was the first time since I was 13 and jacking off with my cousin that I’d touched another dick. It didn’t seem to bother Bob, who was still hard as ever while I rubbed a generous amount of lube on him.

My wife then pushed me away, as she lay back and aimed his stick at the enterance to her least used hole. Slowly she had him push his head into her, biting her lip slightly as he spread her ass wider than it had ever been. Inch by inch she took him into her, rubbing her own clit as he penetrated farther than I ever could into her.

Finally she’d adjusted to his size, and they began moving in a rhythm, with his cock in her ass, and her putting one of his hands on her pussy. He took the hint and was frigging her clit, and then put two fingers into her, now filling both holes as she rode him harder and faster.

For ten minutes I watched him pummel her ass, as she cried in multiple orgasms, one flooding to the next. Finally he tensed up and filled her ass with his cum, which leaked out around his cock in huge white globs.

They laid there still for a few minutes, both recovering from what was the best show I’d seen to date, finally she rolled off of him onto her belly, letting him get off the bed and cleaned up.

I was looking at her pussy, still spasming, and her ass, still gaping when I finally shot my load into a hotel towel, wondering what had possessed her tonight, but enjoying the what I’d seen.

Afterwards as I cleaned her up, we talked about both the anal sex, and the reasoning behind me having to grease his cock up for her. The anal, she said, was easy, his dick felt great in her pussy, and his fingers felt good in her ass, so why not trade places, and see how a big cock felt in her as. As for the greasing, I was kind of surprised. “You know, honey, you have an obsession with big dicks, wanting to see me fuck these guys. Why not let you take care of a little of your own curiosity.”

I had to admit, she was right, I was, for some reason, obsessed with big dicks, at least seeing her with them. I didn’t really have a desire play with other guys cocks, or anything like that, I just like seeing a pussy split by a big dick.  Call me whatever, that’s what got me off.

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A Couple of Clarifications

Because it’s come up, here are a few answers to questions:

No, we don’t swing. We actually did try going to swinging clubs a few times years ago, and neither of us were totally comfortable with it, so we quit going. We figured out pretty quick that booze, horny people, and strange expectations don’t always mix well.

No, we don’t do gangbangs. Other than a couple of 3 somes we don’t do group things. They’ve never appealed to either of us. However, she’s claimed if I could get a certain pro sports team to all show up at the house she’d try her first.

No, I don’t screw other women, my wife is all I need, while I don’t mind “looking at the menu” on occasion, I don’t order, not even appetizers.

 Sure, this lifestyle has caused some friction in our relationship at times. However, we’ve both learned how to get over our own insecurities and other issues. The fact is working through them has helped us become much better communicators with each other. We can both tell pretty quickly when the other has a problem with a situation, and know to respect that and back out now.

Yes, she really does have a set of 40DD’s. Over the years they’ve gained a little size, but good bra’s have kept them as firm now as when we first met. By the way, if you think more than a mouthful is a waste, you don’t know what you are doing.

 That’s it for now.

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From our first three encounters you’d think every guy we picked up turned out to be superstud, and I’m pretty sure that’s what the wife was hoping for too. Unfortunately, life is kind of funny like that. As soon as you start expecting something, it ends up becoming a little of the opposite of what you were expecting.

Sex is a funny thing like that. I mentioned in one of my first posts that unlike may wives who cuckold their husbands, my wife wasn’t looking to “go black”, as she’d already found out that not all the rumors you heard are true.

Her second disappointment came with a bodybuilder type name Mark.  His personals ad (properly) advertised him as a muscle dude from the beach area, with descriptions of his biceps, chest, and leg measurements. Nothing about his crank, which didn’t seem to bother my wife. She explained that she, like many women, always wanted to be taken by a big muscle stud, and begged me to set up a meeting with Mark.  She said she didnt’ care how big his dick was, she just wanted to try a guy with a body like his.

I won’t pretend that the picture of him in the singles rag wasn’t impressive, it was, the guy looked to be a competition grade hard body, so I let a message at the paper for him.

A week later we heard back, and arranged a meeting at a bar in the beach area for that Friday night. We went friday, and for the first time we both went into the bar together, again, she didn’t want me to check him out at all, she evidently just wanted to get banged by muscle stud.

We spent an hour drinking and talking, explaining the inevitable questions about how I could watch my wife fucking other men, and if it bothered me. We explained the ground rules, he was okay with a condom so I felt better, and he understood I would be in the room. After a couple of more drinks we headed to his place (another first) only a block or so way.

Once there we drank some more, and listened to some music. The wine and music got to my wife, who was dancing with him and had her hands all over his arms and chest, oohing and ahhing about his muscles.  After a few more minutes he started working on her blouse, removing it and playing with her breast on the couch.

We finally moved to the bedroom, where he did a great job of undressing her, commenting the whole time about how great she looked. I had to agree, since we’d started this my wife had dropped about 1o pounds, and through a lot of walking and diet had reshaped herself quite nicely.

He had her on the edge of the bed, and went down on her, Mark still fully clothed, eating her pussy like a pro. He played with her boobs as he ate her, used fingers in her, and had her squeezing his head between her thighs in just a matter of minutes as the first orgam hit her.

She changed positions with him when she calmed down, pulling his shirt off and again rubbing his massive chest, sucking his nipples (one of my favorites) and finally working down to his beach shorts.

I could see that she wasn’t impressed when she dropped his shorts, expecting a cock in proportion to the rest of his huge body, instead she got a very average sized member, about the same length as my own, maybe a touch thinner. She went down on him, though I suspected she wasn’t as into as she had been with the others, obviously wanting more cock.

Finally she had him fully hard, and put a condom over his cock, and lay on the bed, and the real show was about to start. I was getting hard at this point, and hoped that what he lacked in size maybe he would make up for with stamina and skill.

He put his large frame over my wife, bending his head to suckle at her nipples, and finally put his cock into her. She pulled him in all of the way nearly as soon as he penetrated her, I know she wanted a deeper fuck than she was going to get by the way she was pulling on his muscular ass to get him inside of her.

Both my wife and I were disappointed when after about 2 minutes of pumping into her like a 7th grade boy in his first pussy he tensed up and shot his load. One of my wife’s great skills with me has been her ability to use her pussy and hands to get my cock hard again after I cum. After four or five minutes of trying she pushed him off, obviously hot and horny and not satisfied.

“Thanks, that was great” was what came out of Marks mouth, my wife said “yeah, thanks”, and started getting dressed immediately. We left about five minutes later, found an empty deserted parking lot, and fucked in a car for the first time since we were married.

When we got home she was pissed, “with a body like that you’d think a guy would have a decent sized cock for gods sake”, she fumed, “and you’d think he could keep it up for more than a couple of minutes”.

While I had to agree with her, inside I was happy as hell, I loved the idea of seeing “Joe Stud” prove to be “Joe Dud”. Another rumor shot to hell, muscle boys aren’t all studs, put that one in your diary guys. 

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Getting Over It

That night, after the first round of sex the three of us sat in the hotel, watched some TV, drank the wine and beer I’d brought, and then went to bed. My wife and Dave stayed nude the entire time, my wife gave me my sweats to put on.

The three of us climbed into the king sized bed, my wife between Dave and I.  This was very awkward, as half the time I’d roll over and put my arm on my wife, find Dave’s arm around her. They were sleeping in a spoon position, at first I was trying to sleep facing my wife, but gave up on that and rolled over when I realized she didn’t have much interest in me touching her with king dong laying behind her.

About two in the morning I felt a hand in my sweat pants, stroking my cock. It woke me up and I kind of rolled towards my wife. Dave was playing hard with her tits, and I realized her strokes were in rhythm with Dave pumping her from behind in the spoon position. At least I was getting a hand job from her, while she took his cock again.

This kept up for nearly 30 minutes, Dave had moved his hand from her boobs to her clit, and was stroking that hard as he fucked her. She had a couple of orgasms, each time squeezing my cock and balls hard, signalling that she’d cum again. As Dave pumped harder she stroked me faster, finally he and I both came, him in my wife again, me in my sweats.

After he finished and rolled away my wife rolled to her back, and once again put my hand on her soaked pussy, making me play with her juices and another mans cum. Her hole was still gaping from his big dick, and she made me put fingers into it, and hand another cum of her own, before falling asleep. I was forced to sleep in a pair of sweats full of cum.

About 8 we all woke up, and my wife blew Dave, sucking him to completion, she told him his cock had made her too sore to fuck again, but she wanted more of him.

After he came on her tits he got dressed and left, and she headed to the shower. This one the one point that I kind of asserted myself and joined her in the shower. I wanted all the dried cum washed off of me from my late night handjob, and didn’t feel like waiting for her to finish in the bathroom.

“We have to call him again, that was the most incredible sex I’ve ever had”, she told me as I washed his cum from her tits and neck in the shower. I was amazed at the size of a load the guy could blow after getting laid twice the night before. “I really do think we should call him again, god he knew how to use that big thing of his”.

I was a little ticked, and a little jealous, I won’t lie, so I did something pretty stupid, I let it show, “Maybe you could quit taking your pills and let him knock you up, since you seem to like having his cum in you so much!”.

She gave me a very pissed look, and a “fuck you” as she got out of the shower. I stayed in there, letting myself fume, and wondering if this idea had gotten out of hand.

By the time I got out of the shower she was dressed, and had packed up our clothes, obviously pissed and ready to leave. We didn’t speak on the way home, or for the next day or two. We’d pass each other in the hall ways, or kitchen and not even acknowledge each other. She’d let me fall asleep on the couch watching the news or Tonight Show, and then she’d go up to bed.

After a few days she finally spoke, apologizing for making me feel her cum soaked pussy, and letting him cum in her. I told her I knew she was on the pill, but it wasn’t 100% effective, plus we should probably have them using condoms to prevent any VD or anything.

My wife hates condoms, it’s why she’d been on the pill since 16, so the condom idea didn’t go over well. However we agreed that I was the only guy who could shoot in her, even though I knew it ticked her off.

My end of that deal was that I had to clean the cum off of her after the other guys shot. It wasn’t something I looked forward to, but agreed to get my end of the conditions met. We also agreed that both of us would have to be involved with the decision for a “sleep over” date with anyone else.

With the new ground rules in place she asked if we could call Dave again. I told her know, we’d agreed before that for a while at least we’d find a different guy each time, to prevent attachements on either end. I did agree that in a month or so we could probably call him again though.

We kissed an made up, and went to bed, where she fucked me like I hadn’t been fucked in years. When I went to sleep she was looking at magazines, trying to find someone new to screw.

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A First Time For Many Things

One of the oddities of the new arrangement with the wife was our sex life was better than ever. It became split about 50/50 between mutal masterbation sessions, and regular sex. Either way, she’d become hotter with me than she had previously during our marriage.

Maybe it was the fact that, even though she was married other men were finding her attractive. Maybe it was that she knew that the more often she paid attention to me, the more we’d talk about finding another stud for her to fuck.  I didn’t know, but didn’t complain, I was getting off at least twice as often as I had prior to the night with Jim, and was happy.

 We found the third guy through an ad in the major singles paper from a city a few miles away.  Dave was the first guy younger than us, by about four years, but was a total hard body type. Not the blown out muscle guy, but instead just solid top to bottom.  Great looking, and with the first 10 inch cock my wife (or I) had ever seen.  Both longer and thicker than Steve, but not quite as fat as Jim.

The day we met my wife was wearing a very low cut blouse, with a half bra that let her nipples show. More lingerie that I’d never seen. When she walked into the bar to meet Dave he stood and her eyes went straight to his pants, which were tight and showed quite well what he was sporting.

For the first time my wife sat closer to the new guy than me, and I know she was rubbing him under the table, because I never saw her right hand while we sitting at the table.

On the way to the hotel she wouldn’t stop talking about how big his cock was, and how wet she got just rubbing him through his jeans. Tonight, she said, no small talk at wine when we got to the room, she just wanted him naked and inside her.

I went to the office and got the room as she and Dave sat on the hood of my car, talking and sort of making out. She hadn’t kissed either of the other two guys, but this time it was different. I brought back the room key and all of us made our way up the stairs to the room. I carried the bags, Dave had his hand on her ass all the way up.

She wasn’t kidding about the no small talk, I think she had her blouse half off before we got through the door. She went straight to the bed and called Dave over, taking the blouse the rest of the way off and showing her big boobs to him. He pulled the half bra down below them, making the already large tits look even bigger, and then put his mouth to them. As he sucked her tits she worked on his shirt buttons, getting it opened and running her hands all over his well defined pecs.

After a couple of minutes she pushed him away and dropped her own skirt, show more panties I’d never, seen, and took them off immediately. Then she dropped to her knees and worked on his pants.  She pulled them off, with his boxers in one pull, and his near hard cock plopped out across her face. The first thing I noticed was that he shaved his cock, something I’d never tried, but there he was, completely bald cock and balls.

She took him in her hands and just started to rub him, needing both hands to cover his length. After a moment or two he pulled her up, and they moved onto the bed. He moved to go down on her, and she pushed him away, “Don’t eat me, just fuck me, I’m so damn hot already!”. Sex between us never started without foreplay, now she just seemed like a wanton slut wanting her cunt filled.

Dave pushed her knees up and out, spreading her pussy, as always aimed so I would have to watch. He started into her slowly, and she grabbed her knees, opening them even farther so he could penetrate deeper, as if he needed help getting that thing deeper into someone.

His big balls kind of blocked my view of her pussy, so I moved myself a little so I could have a better view. Unlike the other men it only took a few moments until my wife grabbed Dave’s ass and pulled him in as deep as he’d fit into her.”Fuck me hard, deeep and hard” she said to him, and Dave was ready to oblige.

It took only two or three minutes of his pistoning for her to cum hard, squeezing him tight into her hot pussy, holding on for life with her legs around his ass and her arms holding his back. As she settled down she asked for a new position, putting Dave on his back she turned around, and for the first time faced me while she fucked another man.

She straddled him, and he reached up, playing with her tits as she grabbed his huge member. Instead of rising up and putting it into her pussy immediately she played with it, rubbing her juicy cunt, and slapping it onto her belly. “Look how far it can go in me honey”, it was the first time in these sessions she’d said anything to me, I was kind of shocked.

The she raised up and aimed his missile like member at her pussy, teasing her own opening and clit, before slowly riding down nearly his whole length. She started rolling her hips in a way that I both knew and loved,  a way that had brought me off a number of times. I knew that she did it because it hit her clit the right way, but the fact was it was an amazing feeling on a cock, too.

She kept up the hip roll for what seemed like forever, sometimes having to force Dave not to start pumping into her; until she held tight for another orgasm. Then, after it calmed down she started riding him like a horse, bringing his big cock completely into herself, and then pulling up until I could see the head nearly coming out of her twat.

For five minutes I watched as he pulled on her tits, and rammed his hard cock into my wife, and as she moaned, groaned and cooed about how his big cock felt so good inside of her. The problem was, she wasn’t saying “your cock feels so good”, she was saying “honey, HIS cock feels so good in me, he fills me sooooo good!!”.

Dave, suddenly tensed up, I knew he was about to cum. For the first time, though, my wife didn’t pull the man out, instead she thrust herself down on him, holding another mans cock deep inside her pussy while he shot his cum.

I couldn’t cum, my cock went nearly soft as I watched my wife have another orgasm, and watched another man filling her with sperm. “He’s putting so much cum in me, he’s still shooting cum into me!”

She laid straight back on his chest when they finished, his now softening cock fell out of her pussy, and I watched as her hole spasmed, pushing his cum out, oozing down the crack of her ass and onto his shaft.

I got up to go to the bathroom and she followed me. When we got in there she said “It was so great, feel my pussy”, and put my hand into her soppying pussy, full of another mans cum. Her hole was still loose and hot from the fucking it had just receieved. She kissed me deep and hard and thanked me again.

She got cleaned up and we headed out of the bathroom to find Dave getting dressed. She said “Dave, don’t leave, why don’t you stay with us tonight?”, “That would be okay, wouldn’t it honey”. I couldn’t say no without looking as jealous as I felt.

The rest of the night is another story.

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Second Try

My wife now calmed down about the first time, she began looking through singles magazines for a suitable man for a second try.  She finally picked out four guys, each listing their ages between 23 and 35, all over 6 feet tall, and each claiming to be the “biggest thing around”.

The first two I met turned out, once again, to be older, shorter, heavier, and generally completely unlike their ads. Each time I’d go back to the car, and the wife would be disappointed. We’d head home instead of a hotel, and I wouldn’t get laid, she’d just pout.

Number three appeared, as we were having a drink and discussing the arrangement to be as he represented himself. He balked, though, when I told him that I had to check out the goods before things went any farther. So, off he went home and frustrated, just like me.

I told the wife that she should probably start looking for some new prospects, when she got all down, and said this was a waste of time, etc. I couldn’t blame her, we’d been trying to find someone for a month at this point. We probably could have found a guy in a bar or somewhere, but then you have to go through everything there with them, and probably won’t find out if he’s going to be what you are looking for. At least with the ads you got a chance to talk to them a few times before meeting.

After another week number four returned our response to the ad. He might have been a few years older than the 35 in his ad, but not much. He definitely fit his discription in the other ways, though.  He was wearing pretty loose pants, so seeing anything that indicated the most important measurement was pretty hard.

Finally, we went to the mens room and he showed me his package. He went into the stall and got himself hard (not a requirement) and called me over. Holy Shit!It wasn’t as long as Steve, maybe 7.5 inches, but it looked to be beer can thick.  None of the toys we had at home were as thick as the head of his cock.

I told him, she might balk at it, that’s some serious girth, but we can try. He understood the ground rules, if she said no, it was no, and accepted it.

We then went back, and I brough in the misses to meet Jim, our new friend for the night. We actually all got along quite well through a number of rounds of drinks, and I finally asked if we should go somewhere more private, when I felt the wife feeling up my hard cock.

On the way to the hotel she asked me if I though he’d be big enough. I just laughed at her. “Honey, I’ve seen a lot of cocks at the gym, and when I was in the Navy, believe me, this one is something I’d never seen before.” She squeezed my hard dick through my pants and said “good, I’m so fucking horny!”

Once again at the hotel I poured some wine, but the game of poker wasn’t necessary this time. Instead, we all started talking, Jim wanted to know why we did what we did, so I explained my fetish for watching others have sex, and my wife’s desire for more cock than I could supply.

As we continued to talk I kind of took charge of the wife, rubbing her up her skirt, and removing her blouse, and she wasn’t complaining. Jim sat next to us on the bed and worked on removing her bra. He was definitely impressed by her big tits, unable to keep his hands off of them, and constantly mentioning how they were the biggest he’d ever touched.

The wife was still a little tense, but finally put her hand over Jim’s crotch, and immediately looked at me, with a “WOW” type expression on her face.

“Show me your cock, Jim, please” she asked. He got off the bed and pulled off his slacks, and his tighty whitey briefs, exposing his semi-hard member to her.  Her eyes lit up with both fear and excitment. “He told me you were big, but I thought long, not this fucking fat!”. She’d already reached out and taken him in her hand, which even before he was completely hard wouldn’t fit around him. She stroked him as he groped her big tits.

I reached down to touch her pussy, which I knew must be flaming by now, and she moved my hand away.  She was concentrating on the other man in the room, and didn’t want to be bothered by me. I moved to the chair, and removed my own clothes and watched them.

Jim commented “I can see why you need more cock than his, mine was bigger than that when I was 12”. My wife looked at him like he was an asshole, for a second, and then started stroking him harder.

She licked him and played with his cock, and even appologized she couldn’t blow him, it was just too fat for her. He said it was okay, very few women had ever given him a blowjob, for the same reason.

He backed away, and got down on his knees and took off her skirt. She was wearing a pair of silk panties I’d never seen, and stockings I hadn’t bought for her. My wife was buying new lingerie for the meetings with other men, and not telling me. My cock twitched thinking about it.

He pulled her to the edge of the bed, and knelt next to it, and began eating my wife’s pussy, at first just licking and rubbing through the panties, then finally pulling them off and going down on her (newly trimmed, another suprise) muff like a pro. This was probably a good idea, nothing gets her wetter than a good tongue lashing on her clit, and with the size of his cock, she’d have to be very wet to take him.

She started begging to play with a cock, so I moved next to her, and put her had on my throbbing cock. She pulled it away and said “Jim, bring me your fat cock”. Once again rejected by my wife, a woman who only weeks earlier was guilty from having fucked another man.

I went back to the chair, and slowly stroked myself as I watched my wife move up the bed, forcing Jim to join her if he wanted to keep tasting her pussy. He obliged, and took up a position that allowed him to suck her cunt while she stroked his now fully erect cock.  Pussy obviously worked better than his hand, as he looked even bigger than when he showed it to me at the bar just hours earlier.

Her first orgam happened while he was eating her. When that occured while we were making love it ended with me getting a handjob. This time she squeezed his face between her legs, and pulled hard on his cock, forcing the head to turn purple from the pressure.

“Fuck me” was the next thing out of my wife’s mouth, and she kind of pushed him hips to guide him to a new position. “Lay down and let me get on top”, she said, and moved him so that I was looking at his feet, and his big cock sticking straight up. She mounted him, facing away from me, but still giving me a wonderful view of her rubbing his cock against the opening to her pussy.

Looking at the swollen head of his cock against her, I couldn’t imagine that it was going to fit inside of her. She’d rub him against her, and I’d completely lose sight of her pussy lips,  hidden behind the fat member she was now obsessed with.

Finally she aimed him at her hole, and moved down, slowly taking what seemed like forever to get just the head past her opening. The she stopped moving, and wrapped both arms around him, flattening herself on his chest. “God it’s so big, it’s feels so damn big in me”, she said as she slowly rolled her hips, allowing more of him into her.

I don’t think she stretched that far even when I’d fist fucked her once earlier in our marriage. From my vantage point I could see that she was opened up like nothing I’d ever seen before.

When she had four inches or so into her she started moving her hips to allow him to move in and out. He must have been through this drill many time, and didn’t move, allowing her to set a pace that would allow her to handle what had to be the “biggest” moment of her life.

After four or five minutes of slow screwing and at least one more orgasm, she started moving faster her on his cock, each movement taking more of him into her, until finally, she had him balls deep in her pussy. At that point she started rolling over, “Now, fuck me with that thing”. I shot my load right then onto the floor, oblivious to where they were. I was looking at a fully stuffed pussy, my wife’s, getting rammed by the fattest cock I’d ever seen, and it was too much.

After my orgasm I have to admit I started feeling some ‘buyers remorse’ about this.  Suddenly it wasn’t as sexually exciting, I was watching my wife have the time of her (sexual) life, and I wasn’t included, my cock had gone soft, and I wasn’t sure I could continue to watch.

They didn’t even notice when I went to the bathroom, Jim was now long stroking my wife, who was asking him for it deeper, and I knew that I couldn’t stop them if I wanted.

I came out a few minutes later, just in time for the grand finale. My wife was in the throws of another massive orgasm, and Jim was sweating and looking as though he was pretty close to blowing his own load.

“Let me see you cum, please, cum on my tits!!!” she was pretty much yelling at him. Jim pulled out, and straddled my wife’s mid section, is wet cock aimed at the tits I loved so much.

He squeezed the end of his cock like a porn star, and finally released it, firing one huge wad of goo all over my wifes tits, neck, and even her face.  She reached up and pulled his cock until the last of his cum oozed out, and then just continued to rub him, unlike me, who she let go of and went to the bathroom to clean up.

Jim got up first and went to the bathroom. She laid there ignoring me, just rubbing her pussy, which was still spasming from his cock, oblivious to the world around her.

Like Steve, Jim left his number, and took off fairly quickly. The wife asked me to help her in the shower, and we worked together to wash all of the cum off of her body. I’d have to go weeks to save up a load like that, I’m sure he wasn’t waiting that long between fuckings.

Later in bed she told me how great it was, how Steve’s long cock felt good, but having her pussy stretched to the limit felt even better. After some time to absorb it, I was getting stiff listening to her. She didn’t even offer to let me fuck her, she just jerked me off to my second cum of the night, and then rolled over and slept contently.

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Aftermath, plus some thoughts

First, why am I posting so much right now? Well, I’m out of town on business, and bored in a hotel room. I’ve wanted to start this blog for a while, so why not while I have (too much) time on my hands.

Now, for the aftermath of our first experience with my wife and another man. It wasn’t a good aftermath, in fact, looking back many years, it’s a wonder that it ever happened again.

You see, my wife ended up with a severe case of the guilts. For nearly two months she could barely look at me, and our sex life became non-existant. If I wanted a sure fire way to get one of us to sleep on the couch, all I had to do was mention Steve.

One of the problems in our relationship is that most cuckold couples have a dominate wife, and a submissive (or at least somewhat submissive) husband. In our case we are both kind of submissive.  I like having her dictate what happens during sex, she enjoys being powerless, which makes this lifestyle even more of a chore for us, but one we’ve figured out.

Some might think that I could use her submissiveness against her, to further what I wanted, but I have always refused to do that directly. Yes, I could probably “order” her to sleep with other men for my pleasure, and I’m pretty sure she’d do it; but that wouldn’t be healthy.

Back to the aftermath, as I said, sex became non-existant, every time I’d bring it up, she cry and start asking how I could want to be with her after she fucked another man. Regardless of my assurances, it seemed like she would never accept that what happened made me happy and horny, not angry and jealous.

One night about 8 or 9 weeks after the hotel room she went out with some girl friends, and I stayed home. She got back around 11, and had obviously had a couple of drinks. When she came in I was in the bedroom, watching some porn and jacking off, which had become pretty common in those weeks.

She sat on the bed next to me and removed my hand from my cock and took it into her mouth, giving me the best blowjob she had in years, even allowing me to cum in her mouth (a rarity!).

After she finished me she went to the bathroom and rinsed her mouth and came back and lay next to me on the bed. “I’m sorry”, she said, “about not taking care of you these last few months, but I’ve been very confused about this whole thing with Steve, and with you enjoying it, and how I felt about it”.

I assured her it was okay to be confused, but she “shushed” me. “No, you don’t understand, when I play with myself I think about his cock, not yours. When I get horny I want his dick bouncing off my cervix again, and it bothers me”.

Her talking was stirring me back to life, and I put my arm around her. I let her know it was okay, that I didn’t mind if she thought about him, in fact, I wanted her to tell me more about it.

As we talked I undressed her, getting her ready for bed. I could tell she was hot thinking about Steve, but I didn’t care, I was going to be the beneficiary of her horniness that night.

I asked her what had her thinking about Steve tonight, and she said one of the girls was talking about her new boyfriend, a guy she probably wouldn’t stay with long, but who had a big cock and knew how to use it.

That had gotten her to thinking, and wanting, another big cock of her own, but still not sure that she could deal with the guilt again.

That night I screwed my wife with her dildo, and while I did she called it Steve, when she’d cum twice she told me I should fuck her now. I put my cock into her and she was so stretched from the rubber toy that I could barely feel her pussy on my dick. “Put the big cock back in me, please”, she cooed at me. My wife had become a size queen, and I didn’t measure up.

I put the dildo back in her pussy, and had her play with it herself, while I jacked off watching, and listening to her once again tell a dildo how much better it was than my cock. I shot my second load in less than an hour, this one bigger than the one in her mouth.

Afterwards I pulled out the new singles magazines I’d picked up that week, and told her she should try and find someone in them. I went to sleep, sexually satisfied for the first time in weeks, she stayed awake circling pictures of men with big dicks she’d like to meet.

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Hello world! Welcome to Stories From The Cuckold Man

My name is Cucky Man, okay, that’s not really my name, but I can’t post it here, to protect the innocent, and definitely not so innocent.

My plan is go through my diaries from the last 16 years, and share with you things I’ve gone through as a cuckold man.

First a few things, my wife doesn’t hate me, she loves me. Second, very seldom do I experience any misgivings about the lifestyle we happened into.  There have been a few, and I’ll post about them at some point or another, but not right now. And, finally, this life isn’t for everyone. If you aren’t very secure with your spouse, don’t even think of going down this path.

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The First Tries, The First Time

As I mentioned in “How Did This Happen, Pt. 2”, the wife and I decided that we’d try to find a third, to fuck her while I watched. We’d been through a half a dozen singles papers and regional magazines for swingers when she found the guy she wanted to try.

He was, according to the article single, 31, which was five years older than us at the time, just over six feet tall, and the picture of him naked had her frigging herself for three nights in a row.  He wasn’t “Joe Hardbody”, but he was pretty tight, and had over 9 inches according to the write up in the paper, and looked it in the picture.

I called the reply number ($5.99 a minute) and left a message in his box on how to contact us, and what we were looking for. It cost 18 bucks to leave him the message, and after about four days he got ahold of me. We arranged to meet for a drink, and that’s when it went wrong.

One of the first things he said was he had to be discreet, his wife didn’t know that he was prowling. Like I said, his write up said single, which was a must according to the wife. She wasn’t going to be a home wrecker, and so I paid for our drinks, and he left. The wife was disappointed, thinking it would never happen. I tried for two weeks to convince her to pick out someone else, but she wouldn’t read the ads.

Then one night, after a few drinks, I got her to try again, and we found another guy that looked promising. Again, just over six feet, blonde, kind of stringy build, but a big johnson.

This time it did work out, he was single, and after a little bit of awkwardness, agreed to go to the mens room at the bar and show me his package, to make sure he wasn’t lying about the size of it. He wasn’t, it was soft and still longer than my hard on could hope to be, and thicker too.

I told him to wait at the bar, and I went to the car and got my wife. In pre-cell phone days it was kind of a pain in the ass, she’d wait in the car, I’d check out the guy, then get her. It’s much easier now.

She was definitely taken by him when she came into the bar, and he by her. I had her wearing a fairly tight sweater, and a pair of slacks that showed off her ass quite nicely. He introduced himself as Steves, and we made small talk over a few drinks.  I could tell the wife was still a little bit nervous about the whole thing by the way she held my hand under the table, but when I put mine over her crotch she was on fire!

After the third round of drinks we invited Steve to the hotel we were at. (Rule Number 1, don’t take strangers home!!!!) and he followed us in his car. On the trip I could sense the wifes intrigue, and apprehension at what was to follow. I told her the whole way it was okay, and if it wasn’t going right, we’d stop.

At the hotel we went to the room, and I poured us all some wine, to help loosen us up the rest of the way. Steve was great, we explained this was the first time we were trying this, and he suggested a game of strip poker to loosen the tension a little bit, which worked.

The rules were easy, losers both lost clothing, winner decided what. After a few hands he was down to his T-shirt and boxers, a few more and I was in only my white briefs. The wife, a poker novice had only lost her shirt and shoes (I called the shoes to ease her into it).

The next round she lost her bra, and Steve lost his shorts. He was nervous because I’d called the clothing, and she was nervous showing her tits to him. This was the point I could tell he had some serious self control. My briefs had been tented for 20 minutes, thinking of what was going to happen, and he was totally flaccid. My wife looked as he took off the boxers, and stared for what seemed like an eternity, then looked at me, for approval. I gave her a nod, and she removed her bra.

Steve remarked on how great her tits were, and how firm they looked for their size. The wife was still nervous, and said “My deal” and the game started again. I could tell they were both distracted, though, her by his cock, and he by the hardening nipples on her tits.

The wife and I lost the next hand, she lost her pants, I lost my briefs. So there I sat, hard as a rock, with the wife next to me, and her stud for the night across from me, his cock still barely stirring.

By now we each on our third glass of wine, and the wife was getting pretty loosened up. When she took off her pants she turned so her ass was to us, and bent over to show her bikini undies off as she dropped the pants. Both Steve and I could see the wet spot covering her pussy as she removed her pants, and knew that this game wasn’t going to last much longer.

I decided to try and move things forward by moving closer, and started rubbing the wife’s thighs, Steve took the cue and moved in from the other side. She pulled back a little at his first touch, but the wine was working, and after a couple of seconds relaxed. Both of us continued to massage her legs, and then I reached up and started rolling a nipple in my hand, and Steve took the other in his mouth.

At this point she started a slow moan, and began rubbing both of our legs, and worked up to our balls. In the mens room I hadn’t seen Steve’s sack, only his shaft, but his balls were every bit as impressive as the rest of him, at least twice the size of mine, and hanging very low.

My wife took her hand off of my balls, and looked to me as if seeking approval, I gave her a nod, and move slightly away on the bed, to give them more room. She then reached with the hand that had been on my leg and touched his cock. Mine cock jumped as I watched my wife touch another man for the first time in our marriage. As she held his now moving cock in her hand I moved to the chair next to the bed and watched.

Steve was now rubbing her though the panties, and still sucking on her tit, while she was now using both hands to stroke his hardening manhood. When Steve reached into her panties she again looked to me, to see if I was okay, I nodded, and began stroking myself, watching my wife being taken by another man.

Steve laid her down on the bed, and got on his knees to remove her panties, his cock now semi-stiff and waving around. He pulled them down and then got back up on the bed and began massaging the entire front of her body, from her shoulders to her toes, never touching her breasts or pussy. Every time he went past one of them I watched my wife arch herself, as if pleading for him to touch the hot areas of her body.

My wife was now stroking a fully erect 8 inch cock that was easily twice as thick as I was. I was surprised it wasn’t longer, based on it’s flaccid size, thinking it would grow like mine did when it hardened, but still impressed by his size, and wondering how she’d react when it went into her pussy.

Steve was now on his knees, and moved his head to her pussy, and began licking my wife. Most men would have gotten up and hit him, I squeezed my balls, looking at his big dick hanging next to my woman’s face.

The wife has never been much for giving me head, in fact I have probably begged for every blowjob in our marriage. But this night she was different, she took his cock in her mouth like a starving man eats a steak. She opened wide and took nearly half his cock in her mouth, normally she’d only put my head in hers, maybe a little more. Now she was sucking cock like a pro, in a way I’d never felt on my own cock in 8 years of marriage.

After a few minutes of mutual mouth action, and Steve burying a few fingers into her my wife started panting “Fuck me, please, I need to feel your cock in me”, which was a phrase I knew well. This time, though it wasn’t my cock going into her, it was someone elses. She looked at me one last time for approval, as he mounted her.

She reached between her legs and grabbed his cock to guide it in, rubbing the fat head on her pussy lips. I knew she loved having her clit teased by a cock before penetration, and she rubbed him on her hot box for nearly a minute.

She then pointed it at the opening he was hoping to enter, and said “be slow, you are sooo much bigger than the other cocks I’ve had”. I could smell her hottness from the chair I was in, knowing her cunt was oozing to feel his fat cock in her. I felt myself getting harder, and had to stop stroking to keep from cumming before the main show started.

When he entered her he went very slow, easing just the head into her; I saw her bite her lip, as he spread her in a way no cock had before. After nearly a minute of slowly pushing into her Steve was buried inside my wife. For the first time since I’d left the bed he looked over at me, with either pity or disgust on his face. He pulled his big dick out until only the head was left in, and she grabbed his ass and pulled him back inside, all of the way.

Steve took the sign, and started stroking into her like a pro. He moved his hips in ways I hadn’t thought of to get different angles, and had her hips moving in a way I’d never seen. After only two or three minutes she was making the familiar orgasm sounds that I knew so well.

When my wife and I made love if she came first I’d have to pull out, and she’d jack me off to an orgasm. When she came on Steve’s cock she held him deep in her pussy for a minute or so, then started moving herself so he could once again begin fucking into her.

I moved my chair to the end of the bed, and watched as this big snake of a cock was opening my wife up like never before. Seeing his big balls hitting her ass, as he started pumping faster got me closer and closer to the edge.

At this point I watched her second orgasm start, she wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him as deep as he could go into her, “God, I’m so fucking full of cock, hold it in me!!” she yelled at him. (And I do mean yelled, I think the desk clerk may have heard her).

As she eased up on him Steve started fucking like a locomotive, I could tell he wanted to cum now, too, as he pumped her faster and faster. At this point I think my wife was in a constant state of orgasm, as her fingernails ripped skin from his ass as she pulled his stiff cock deeper into her.

Finally Steve started holding up like he was about to blow, and brought his cock out of my wife. From my vantage point I could see her well used pussy squeezing for the cock that had so recently filled it.

I realized what he was going to do, and moved to watch as he blew his load on my wife’s tits. She reached up and grabbed his cock, stroking it to completion, and soaking herself in his gooey cum.  The head of his cock was huge and purple as she pulled him off, and he shot at least four huge jets onto the tits that had recently been my sole territory.  He was grunting like a porn star as the cum shot from his cannon onto my wife.

At this point I couldn’t handle it anymore and moved closer and put my her free hand on my cock, she pulled me off, and my cum joined his on her tits and belly.

As everyone recovered it got kind of uncomfortable in the room. My wife went to the bathroom to clean herself up, and Steve kind of looked at me funny, with that disgusted look. He began to dress, and she came out with a towel on.

“Thanks”, she said, as Steve finished putting on his clothes. I got his phone number and he was gone.

When he left she began crying, “I can’t believe I did that in front of you. I can’t believe I cheated on you”. She buried her head in my shoulder, begging forgiveness. For what I don’t know, it was my idea.

After an hour or so, more sober, we talked about what had happened. She had a serious case of guilty remorse, even though she admitted it was the most incredible fucking she’d ever had.

I wanted, so bad, to touch her pussy, feel it after he’d been in it, but she insisted we go to sleep, and immediately rolled over on me, I could tell she wasn’t sure we’d done the right thing.

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General Stuff On This Lifestyle

Questions often get asked of me, usually by men who are about to do, or just finished with my wife. Usually, “How can you let her do this?”

That one is pretty easy, you see, our relationship is based on trust and honesty. She isn’t “cheating on me” in the sense most people think of, going out behind my back, and meeting someone to get laid.  I trust her when she says that she’s never done another man when I was out of town, and she knows I don’t do anything when she’s not around either.

WE recommend to newcomers to this kind of life that, in fact, their wife NEVER go out unless the husband knows about it. In fact in our relationship that’s a given, others have told us that he gets more excitement being surprised when she brings home a cream pie for him. For us that doesn’t work; it’s not how we want things to work.

People we’ ve met (couples) who are wanting to get into this often ask where to meet people. If you read part two of “How Did This Happen”, you’ll see we started off in swingers and singles papers. Today, with the internet it’s even easier, but still not a slam dunk easy thing.

Regular dating sites generally aren’t that good to find the guys we are looking for, usually not enough information. Two sites we’ve tried that have worked are Adult Friend Finders and Squirt. AFF is pretty large, and does have a lot of guys on it, but can also be cliquish in some areas, and it’s  been hit or miss. Squirt is a gay/bi site, and it’s pretty easy to find guys who are willing to help us out.  We obviously don’t go for the gay men, but we find many of the bi’s on there are actually just looking to get off, however. When they find out there are some 40D’s involved, they are happy to do the wife instead of me 🙂

As often as not we  find someone , start some conversation, and find out that they are either a faker, married, both, or a strange freak. Safety is paramount, so the wife never goes to meet anyone alone. In fact, most times I meet the men first, get a feel for them, and then decide if I think it will work out.

Just a few months ago a guy who was 6’2″, 190lbs, 8.5 cut online showed up at a bar as 5’10”, 220, and who knows about his cock, I tossed him for being a liar in the first place.

If the first meet works out, then the wife and I will both meet the person, and both decide if it’s a good match. A bad match was the guy who was great when he and I had a beer, then when the wife arrived he said “Great, when do I get to play with those tits”, before he said hello. We left.

Just remember, be safe, and sane. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. If it feels good, try it twice.

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